Business Development & Strategy

Over the years, the healthcare industry has become a thriving and competitive industry. It has become imperative that healthcare professionals now properly understand and put in place the intricacies of business development and strategy. This includes creating a workable plan that sets the tone for the progression of the business per time. We help our clients to create and implement workable plans and strategies.

Market Surveys and Feasibility Studies

Feasibility study determines the viability, practicality and sustainability of an idea or a business initiative. Healthcare organizations continually require market surveys and feasibility studies to be done to effectively validate new ideas, products and business practices. We take this burden from our clients by conducting extensive market research, surveys and feasibility studies and come up with the best possible ways to proceed.

Capacity Building

We design capacity building programs on healthcare management for various groups of healthcare professionals. These programs range from seminars and workshops to onsite study tours.

Advisory Services

We provide reformation, intervening, long-term and short-term advisory services to our clients. We support our clients to make the right and informed business, and management choices.

Business Setup & Remodeling

We support our clients to set up their businesses from scratch or to remodel an already existing business, depending on the need and best possible solution.

Operational Management

We support our clients with the management and coordination of processes required for the creation of products, or delivery of services.

Human Resource Management

We design, organize and direct administrative and human resource functions for our clients. We manage the employment, interviewing, and appointment of new staff. We assist our clients by devising with top executives on strategic planning, and we serve as a link between our clients and its employees.

Facility Design, Construction & Rebranding

The look and feel of a business facility make the difference for most organizations, and healthcare organizations are not excluded. We help our clients improve the look and feel of their facilities by creating and implementing customer-friendly designs, facility construction or reconstruction, and facility rebranding.