International Redbridge Consulting

International Redbridge Consulting is all about improving the African healthcare industry by supporting companies and organizations to create and transform their businesses from ideas, goals or ambitions, to reality.

At IRC, we do not believe that there is such a thing as an impossibility. We work with clients who are daring enough to create the non-existent and change the status quo in the healthcare industry, thereby reinventing healthcare in Africa. We help leaders all around Africa to solve extant and impending problems connected to strategy, finance, operations, analytics, information technology, e.t.c. in healthcare sectors in Africa.

The diversity of the IRC team enables us to create effective and workable solutions that can be applied to all classes of clients of healthcare organizations, and the success rates of our clients tells us that we’re doing something right.


Redbridge School

At Redbridge School, we are focused on building the knowledge and skill capacity required to manage and lead healthcare systems, services or businesses in Nigeria and across Africa. We achieve this by offering training, workshops, capacity building programs and study tours to mention a few.

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Health Meetings

Healthmeetings is the strategic business unit of RHIP which is involved with events and conferencing. At health meetings, we organize and coordinate healthcare events and conferences tailored to address extant or impending healthcare situations. These conferences and events are not only very enlightening, they also present a good opportunity for medical professionals to network and share opinions on how to better the healthcare industry in Africa.

Medic Dispatch Africa

Medic Dispatch Africa is an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) capacity building company that is leveraging global partnerships to bridge the gaps in emergency medical service delivery across Sub-Sahara Africa, especially Nigeria.

We are organically changing the narrative of emergency medical service in unserved or underserved markets by engaging with one person, one professional, one provider, one place, and one policy maker at a time.

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RHIPFactory, a subsidiary arm of Redbridge Healthcare Group, is a Healthcare StartUp studio founded in Nigeria.
We are a community of healthcare enterepreneurs, designers, developer, digital marketers, advisors, mentors, strategic partners and investors, all working to provide solutions to problems facing the healthcare system in Africa.
Here ideas are turned into viable products and then businesses through a unique in-house process.
We build healthcare companies from scratch while leveraging extant and disruptive technologies.

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Delivering Healthcare Projects Through International Best Practice And Standards